About Mike Field Enterprises

Mike Field Enterprises

Mike Field is a Toronto-based, award-winning web applications architect and computational linguist with 20 years programming and design experience for some of North America’s largest companies. He's been working in web technologies since 1998.

Recent accolades include the worldwide Web Guru Design Award (2019), plus 6 peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations on machine learning and natural language processing. Mike also has ten years experience as a graphics designer and front-end programmer.

For each new project, Mike hand picks a tight team of high-achieving programmers and designers. Together, they offer web design and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Mike began his work in web while majoring in Spanish at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He and his older brother started a web design company in 1998, building websites for small and medium businesses. In 2003, he began working on Bay Street, building systems for banks and brokerage firms. He then completed a Masters degree and began a PhD in Spanish computational linguistics at the University of Toronto.

By 2008, Mike was working for some of the world's largest companies (like Apple, Oracle and Wal-Mart) helping to implement their content management systems and specializing in Oracle WebCenter Sites. He even went on to teach at Oracle University for five years.

Now he runs his own consulting business — Mike Field Enterprises — in both the web and A.I. domains.